Software development on demand

Custom software development on demand is the core business of DreamTeam. We implement projects of varying complexity and perform the entire cycle of work from pre-project consulting, business process analysis and terms of reference, to the development, implementation and maintenance of final products.

Commercial proposal for software development

DreamTeam offers fast and high-quality custom accounting software development. We provide services in the field of automation of enterprise accounting, database design and development of CRM and ERP solutions, Internet and mobile applications, as well as solving migration and reengineering tasks. Our leading specialists have been professionally engaged in software development for over 22 years and have extensive experience in the development of both simple accounting applications and complex ERP and CRM systems.

We offer to develop specialized accounting software if your business processes are unique and there is no ready-made software on the market that will automate them, or if its cost is too high.

Depending on the size of the proposed project, a demo project can be implemented and shown - free of charge, so that you can be convinced of the quality and reliability of our work.

The time frame for the development of the system is determined based on the analysis of the requirements for the software being developed and the statement of the problem.

Operating options for the developed software

We offer our well-established support (specialized support site, email, phone), both for the developed projects and for your users, or we can help organize your own support.

Pre-project consulting

At this stage, a comprehensive analysis of the subject area is carried out based on the client's requirements. The more precisely the goals are defined, the tasks and other parameters of the project are detailed at the preparation stage, the higher the likelihood of the project being implemented on time, on budget and in accordance with the set goals.

Development of terms of reference (TOR)

At this stage, the main document is drawn up - the terms of reference for software development, which defines the requirements and procedure for creating software, in accordance with which the development and acceptance are carried out during commissioning.

Software architecture design

One of the most difficult and crucial stages, which involves the preparation of the software structure, program elements, the properties of these elements and the relationship between them.

Quality implementation

The project is carried out in strict accordance with the terms of reference and terms agreed with the client at the stage of work planning and contract conclusion. A flexible system of planning and allocating resources within the company (old but proven waterfall or SCRUM) allows you to implement projects with maximum efficiency and provide customers with a high-quality and modern product.

Functional testing

At this stage, the software is checked in order to obtain information about the quality of the product, all defects are identified and eliminated. Allows you to establish the correct functioning of the software.


The commissioning includes a visit of the company's analysts to install the version. In addition, our specialists configure the data conversion, carry out the transfer of catalogs if the client had an old similar system before.

Training to work with software product

At the first stage, it provides for presentations in our office, or it is possible for specialists to visit the client. Both individual and group training of users of the client's company is possible. Training is conducted according to our own methodology, developed taking into account the job responsibilities, positions provided by the users of the product. Also, support is constantly provided by phone, on a specially designed support site, where the user can indicate the need for diagnostics or training.


The client chooses the scope of software support services independently. It depends on the form of the contract.